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Option I: Monthly Membership
Choosing a one month option from the Subscription Term Grid below enrolls you into a Monthly Membership that
automatically renews until you cancel. One month means one issue, not 30 days. Each issue expires the first Tuesday
of the month following the date you first enroll. All of our reports expire the first Tuesday of each month since foreclosure
sales occur the first Tuesday of each month in Texas. You will be charged the one month fee for your first issue which is
non-refundable. Thereafter your membership will automatically renew and your credit card will be charged the non-
refundable one issue cost for each succeeding month until you cancel. To cancel, you may call us at 281-363-2631 or use
our Live Chat feature (during regular business hours), e-mail us at, mail us at FLS,
8000 Research Forest Dr Ste 115-236, The Woodlands Tx 77382, or use the Membership Option button from the Login File Access Page.
$$ Two Months of Data with each Month's Access $$
Since many mortgage foreclosure trustees have begun posting data up to 2 months early, you will receive both data
posted for sale during the current period (next month's auction) and "early" postings for the succeeding month's foreclosure
auction, an exclusive feature of Foreclosure Listing Service available nowhere else because we are Houston-based.
Option II: Long-Term Subscription
Choosing a long-term subsription (6 months or 12 months) from the Subscription Term Grid below reduces the monthly fee.
For example, our Harris County Foreclosure Posting List costs $45 per month under the Monthly Membership option.
Choosing a 6 month subscription which costs $200 is comparable to only $33 per month. Twelve months at $325 is
comparable to only $27 per month.
Long-Term Subscriptions do not automatically renew.
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aaa Monthly Membership - Automatically renews every month until you cancel.
Monthly Membership - Automatically renews every month until you cancel.

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