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Monthly Membership Conditions Acknowledgment
  You have chosen the Monthly Membership option on at least one of our reports.  
  Choosing a monthly option from the Subscription Term Grid enrolls you into a Monthly Membership that automatically
until you cancel. Monthly means one issue per month, not 30 days. Each issue expires the first Tuesday of the month,
following the date you first enroll. All of our reports expire the first Tuesday of each month since foreclosure sales occur the first
Tuesday of each month in Texas. You will be charged the monthly fee for your first issue which is non-refundable. Thereafter
your membership will automatically renew and your credit card will be charged the non-refundable monthly fee for each
succeeding month until you cancel. To cancel, 1) mail us a cancelation letter to F.I.L.S., 8000 Research Forest Dr Ste 115-236.
The Woodlands TX 77382 2) e-mail at 3) click the "Cancel Monthly Membership" link from your Dashboard.

Delivery of F.I.L.S. on-line reports is digitally/electronically rendered to computers or similar devices the instant card
charges are authorized, accessible by the client's User Name and password at
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